Western States 2010

Western States 2010
Snow Field at Squaw Vally

Monday, May 18, 2009

On the road to Leadville

Well, I started the count down on Saturday....I drove down to Berryman on Friday night trying to stay in front of the storms. Went down to help Katie Spaeth run her first 50 miler. Paced her the second 25 miles of it. It was a blast and the bonus was getting to see Katie reach her goal of under 10 hours for 50 miles...she did it in 9:59 something....I told her that I promised her an under 10 hour run and thought she would think it would be a little more interesting if we just squeaked in under the wire!!!

With that I am 25 miles down the road to Leadville. That puts me virtually in west Topeka!!! Just 634 miles to go to Leadville....Going to rest up over the next few days so I can get my feet back under me...and then begin to ramp it up.

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  1. Good to see you on Saturday! I had a minor equipment problem that delayed my arrival at the finish line by about an hour from planned pace...definitely got my $ worth!