Western States 2010

Western States 2010
Snow Field at Squaw Vally

Monday, May 25, 2009

So where is Burger now???

Ok...time to catch you up on my running....Tried to take it easy this week...as I said I needed to get my legs back under me...after about 6 weeks of hard running (Rockin K 50 miler, Free State 100K, Rock Creek 1/2 marathon, and going to Berryman last weekend to do 25 miles with Katie) I felt pretty beat up....as a matter of fact....my hip pain that froze me in my tracks 10 years ago has started to come back....when did this happen?? Right after my hard 1/2 marathon at Perry Lake. I am hopeful that I will be able to run thru it and it will get better on its own...kind of feels like a strain...but since it is bothering me I tried to back off....well if you call a 46 mile week backing off!!!
Last Wednesday I did a 11 mile run on the Sandrat trails with my Trailnerd Friends...we had a blast....Friday...I did a 10 miler at my house on my favorite river road run...Saturday...I drove to Rocheport Missouri outside of Columbia, Mo...This was my favorite day of the week running wise....I got to spend the day running 16 miles on the Katy Trail with Kristen....You will hear more about Kristen on this blog as I progress toward Leadville...Kristen is someone that is really, really special to me. We met only about a month ago but it seems like we have known each other for years. Again as I said more about us later!!! Kristen biked with me as I ran and was my roving water station. It was warm on the Katy Trail but we had a blast!!! Got in 16 miles in a little over 2 hours with rest stops too. It felt good to just fly down a flat path. Today....9 miles on the river road...hip feeling a little better today but still bothering me...I hope it goes away soon!!!
So what does that weekly mileage make?? 11, 10, 9, 16=46 miles since last monday. I was at 634 miles to go to Leadville.....13 weeks now left to go...leaving 588 left to Leadville!!!
That puts me 71 miles from my starting point here in Rural Lecompton....This puts my right outside of Manhattan Kansas....home of the Wildcats....Being a Jayhawk I hope to get to moving down the road a little further and not stay around here too long....Rock Chalk!!


  1. You better get moving and get a little farther away from Manhattan, you might turn purple or something.

  2. Hope the hip gets better quick, been fighting through the injuries myself. See ya on the trails.

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