Western States 2010

Western States 2010
Snow Field at Squaw Vally

Monday, June 22, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!!

Well I made it back from Vegas in one piece!! As a matter of fact the mountain climbing and altitude training around Vegas made my hip feel much better. I got in 75 miles last week. The week started out with an easy 8 mile run on the city streets of North Las Vegas in the morning then a nice 6 mile hike up Gass Peak (the highest peak north of Las Vegas). On Tuesday Brian took me out to Red Rock Canyon for a spin on his 19 mile course. Ran it in just over 3 hours and felt great doing it. Wednesday was a rest day--we headed out for a nice easy hike to the Liberty Arch out by Hoover Dam and Lake Mead (5.5 miles). Thursday 10 miles on the city streets again--actually one of my best runs in a long time. And then on Friday--18 mile hike up and down Mt. Charleston west of Las Vegas. Took Saturday off to travel back to the Kansas heat. Sunday was a hard 9 miler in the heat of the day--man if that doesn't get me in shape for Leadville I don't know what will. So where does this put me mileage wise?? 295 miles from Lecompton. 364 miles to go to Leadville. This puts me near Grinnell Kansas. With another big week this week I will be half way to Leadville next week. Still 9 weeks to go. Not counting my 2 weeks of taper that means I need to average 52 miles a week. My next race is Psycho Summer 50k so I will probably ease up on training the week before that to be ready to go.


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